This is an amazing product offered by Diversified Window Solutions Inc.
DoorShield's primary use is to allow you to protect your glass insert front door without having to drill into the exsisting construction. It installs without the use of tools and is fully compatible with a full range of impact protection barriers.

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Exterior Doors

DoorShield works for both in-swing and out-swing doors. A variety of panels can be used from steel, clear, plywood, and fabric screens.

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DoorShield can be used during the installation as a permanent hurricane protection solution for the sidelights of your door.

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Building Code Info

DoorShield building code info and detailed instructions can be found on the website. FL # 5580

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Fin Kit

Diversified Window Solutions also provides hurricane protect for your windows. This low profile kit reduces the chance of water intrusion and eliminates vapor barrier penetration.

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